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ILC buying guides

Buying a piece of equipment can be confusing and a bit intimidating.

Our Before you Buy guides have been written to help you find the right piece of equipment to meet your needs.

If you need more information, or your question isn’t answered here, phone 01392 380181 or email to speak to an occupational therapist or book an assessment.

I’m thinking about buying

bath equipment
equipment smaller than a bath lift including grab rails, seats and bath boards.

a bath lift
these are usually battery powered and are designed to lift you in and out of a standard bath.

walk in bath 
this is a whole new bath with a side door, which replaces your existing bath.

bed equipment
there are lots of small pieces of equipment that can make it easier to get in and out of bed.

a chair 
what to think about when buying a comfortable and supportive upright chair.

a commode
there are wheeled, static and foldable commodes depending on the space you have and what you need.

equipment from an advertisement 
read these tips before buying anything from a leaflet or advert.

four-wheeled walker
there are a huge range of walkers available which can help you move inside and outside.

grab rails
some well-positioned grab rails can be a safe and inexpensive way of moving around your home.

a manual wheelchair 
a wheelchair can help you get around, but there are several things to think about before buying.

a mattress 
a new mattress can help with pressure sores or discomfort in bed.

a power pack for a manual wheelchair
a power pack can fit on a manual wheelchair to help the person who is pushing it.

a powered rise and recline chair
a recliner chair can help you sit down and get up safely and easily.

a powered scooter 
these can help you travel safely outside, but are bulky and can be expensive.

a powered wheelchair 
powered wheelchairs don’t need someone to move them and are available for indoors and outdoors.

a profiling bed 
a powered single bed which can change your position in bed for comfort, support or moving in and out of bed.

a double profiling bed
a powered double bed which can move on one side only or on both sides.

a shower or shower equipment 
you may need a new shower or some helpful equipment, like a shower seat or new shower tray, to make washing easier and safer.

a social alarm
an alarm that you wear as a pendant or wristband to send an alert if you need help.

a stair lift
stair lifts can help if you struggle with your stairs, but are expensive and need lots of room.

toilet equipment
equipment to help you get on and off the toilet safely.

a walking stick 
if you’re buying a walking stick you’ll need to check the height and shape are right for you.

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