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Staying healthy, happy and independent

Given the choice most people want to stay living safely at home, in a community they know and retain their independence for as long as possible. But there may be times when you need help and support.

We aim to make sure the right support is there for you at the right time and in ways that really make a difference to help you become and stay as independent as possible as a part of a strong and supportive community.

Good information, advice and signposting

By providing good information, advice and signposting – in some cases along with a little financial support – we aim to help you and those that care about you to take more control over your own quality of life and have your needs met in ways that best suit you.

Short-term support

This might be by giving short-term support to help you get back on your feet after a stay in hospital, by using new technology to help create a safer home environment, or simply by connecting you to the help and support already available in your community.

  • Find short-term support now

    Contact Care Direct
    0345 1551 007
    or email

    You may need urgent support and advice because you are recovering from a sudden deterioration in your health or a social care crisis. We will listen and talk with you, or your family member, about how we can support you and that conversation may also involve other professionals like your GP or community nurse.

    Your family or friends might be able to offer all the support you require or it might be appropriate to offer temporary services to support you get back on your feet. For example, a regular physiotherapist session or a few hours of care a day to support you regain your independence.

If you have a complex long-term condition

For others with more complex long-term conditions or a disability it might be by working with you to build on your strengths, by helping you to live more independently in an adapted home of your own, or by helping you to find opportunities to learn and grow or get a job.

  • Start a discussion about the help you may need

    Contact Care Direct
    0345 1551 007
    or email

    You might need a more detailed discussion about the help you need, this could happen over the phone or face to face. A social care worker will talk to you about:

    • What concerns you today?
    • What can you do for yourself?
    • What support is already available to you?
    • Do you have family and friends that can support you?
    • What community services are available to support you?
    • Do you need any equipment or assistive technology to
      keep you independent?
    • Do you receive any benefits that you are entitled to?

    You may also be offered an assessment of your care and support needs and your eligibility for support.

    Alternatively, we may offer a short term personal budget which can be used to purchase a service. You will be offered a financial assessment and may have to contribute towards the cost of your personal budget.


If you need to talk to someone

Contact Care Direct
0345 1551 007
or email

When we first talk to you we will listen carefully and won’t assume anything. We want to find out:

  • What matters to you today?
  • What you can do for yourself?
  • What are your interests and skills?
  • Do you have family and friends locally?
  • What are your concerns and what do you want to

We will ask who supports you with your life (family, friends and neighbours) and we will find out what there is in your community to help you get on with your life independently.

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