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Faster broadband is on its way
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    • UK Umbrella State Aid Granted by European Commission

      Broadband Delivery UK (the organisation responsible for delivering the £52 million of public funding for the Connecting Devon and Somerset Project) has been granted State Aid* clearance by the European Commission. This allows Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) to approve local

    • BT Appointed Preferred Bidder for the Connecting Devon and Somerset Programme

      The Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) programme has announced that it has appointed BT as preferred bidder for the provision of superfast broadband across Devon and Somerset. The next stage of the project involves undertaking due diligence on the tender

    • Procurement Update

      As part of satisfying State Aid requirements, Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) is required to announce the launch of its invitation to tender (ITT) for the selection of its chosen supplier from the recent Framework arrangement set up by BDUK.

Latest News

Most people only need about 5Mbps to do what they want to on the internet. Why are you trying to get anything faster?

It’s true that right now 5Mbps is sufficient for the majority of people when it comes to things such as email, online banking,  social networking,  standard definition iPlayer and many businesses activities. However, there has been a drastic increase in the amount of data consumed by online services over the past 10 years, most recently with the rise of on-demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer, or in the case of businesses,  the increasing reliance on video conferencing.

This has all combined to put ever increasing strains on aging infrastructure, and whilst it is hard to predict what the next 10 years might bring, data usage is certainly not going to decrease with increasing demand for high definition video content and cloud based services only set to increase. As such we need to be ready for such technological advances to make sure we don’t get left behind, hence the reason we are future-proofing Devon and Somerset’s broadband infrastructure.

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