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Faster broadband is on its way
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    • UK Umbrella State Aid Granted by European Commission

      Broadband Delivery UK (the organisation responsible for delivering the £52 million of public funding for the Connecting Devon and Somerset Project) has been granted State Aid* clearance by the European Commission. This allows Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) to approve local

    • BT Appointed Preferred Bidder for the Connecting Devon and Somerset Programme

      The Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) programme has announced that it has appointed BT as preferred bidder for the provision of superfast broadband across Devon and Somerset. The next stage of the project involves undertaking due diligence on the tender

    • Procurement Update

      As part of satisfying State Aid requirements, Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) is required to announce the launch of its invitation to tender (ITT) for the selection of its chosen supplier from the recent Framework arrangement set up by BDUK.

Blog Archives

What is the project all about?

The Connecting Devon and Somerset programme has secured £31 million from the government to roll out faster broadband across our region. Local authorities have added a further £20 million, bringing the total to just over £50 million. The aim of

Why is it important?

Reliable access to broadband is an integral part of 21st Century living. It’s much more than streaming video and music or online shopping: it’s increasingly the way business is conducted and services are delivered. Companies with slow access to the

What is the Get Connected campaign?

Although £50 million sounds like a huge sum, it is still not enough to deliver broadband infrastructure across our whole region and we need broadband suppliers (companies like BT and Virgin) to make up the difference. To get the best

What does the campaign actually involve?

We need to register details for at least 10,000 participants in 10 ‘sample areas’ across Devon and Somerset. This will give us a statistically representative view of the status quo and future needs across our region. Golley Slater has been

Why haven’t I received a leaflet?

Only a selection of people in our ten sample areas will be sent a leaflet in the post and receive a telephone call. However, we would love to hear from as many people as possible right across the region. You

How do I register my details?

You can register you details on our signup page or by calling our dedicated hotline number 0844 463 6887.

How can I get involved?

We need our residents and businesses to be involved as the project progresses. You can do that in a variety of ways: Tick the box to indicate you would like to receive our e-newsletter when you fill in our signup

About a year ago you were asking people to take part in a different survey. Why do we need to fill in this one too?

Connecting Devon and Somerset ran a survey last year to find out if people really were interested in getting faster broadband. The results of this survey helped us win over £30m in funding from Broadband Delivery UK. The ‘Get Connected’

Why is Devon / Somerset / North Somerset / B&NES, Plymouth / Torbay lagging behind other parts of the country when it comes to Better Broadband?

It’s made commercial sense for broadband infrastructure providers to service cities and larger towns first. In these areas there are lots of potential customers who live close together, so the infrastructure can be concentrated in smaller physical areas requiring relatively

Most people only need about 5Mbps to do what they want to on the internet. Why are you trying to get anything faster?

It’s true that right now 5Mbps is sufficient for the majority of people when it comes to things such as email, online banking,  social networking,  standard definition iPlayer and many businesses activities. However, there has been a drastic increase in the amount

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