Framework operation

During the operational phase of the Framework, the Framework Management Team provides a service to users to maximise the benefits of the framework to the framework users and ensure the framework operates smoothly. The Framework Management Team carries out the following key functions :-

  • Promote the use of the Framework
  • Manage the Contractor shortlisting process for each project in accordance with the client
  • Support the client’s framework competition process through which contractors are appointed to projects
  • Maintain an effective 360° user survey performance management system to cover contractors, designers and users
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on performance management data
  • Identify and log processes to enhance the functionality of the Framework
  • Organise all user groups – Contractors, Designers, Users (including those outside the Project Board)
  • Monitor and report on use of resources
  • Identify and promote initiatives to add value to the Framework’s functionality
  • Extend the scope of the Framework to additional users
  • Provide training and support where applicable to Framework users and contractors to ensure smooth operation of Framework
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Overall management of Framework contract.