The CFSW Framework Model is based on the IESE (Improvement and Efficiency South East) Construction Framework model but adapted to meet the needs of users in the South West and the South West supply Chains capacity.

CFSW, in its first 2.5 years has attracted twenty eight framework users and projects with a value of £250 million over sixty six projects.

This framework model has been highly successful for a number of reasons.

Early contractor involvement has produced:

  • reduced project risk, cost, time, quality
  • opportunity to realise savings prior to contract award
  • designing out problems at an early stage
  • improved buildability

The Traditional Approach

The SECE Approach

The model also allows contractors to be engaged both more quickly and earlier in the design process, as shown in the example below. The framework allows contractors to be engaged witin 4-6 weeks of initiating the mini competition process of engaging them compared to over 20 weeks using an OJEU tender process.

OJEU Process


Using contractors on a regular basis and within a prescribed performance management process allows contractor performance to be assessed on a project basis and over a series of projects, providing a significant wealth of performance data. This in turn allows framework users to constructively assess contractor performance before engaging them for a new project.