CFSW framework scope

Construction Framework South West is a procurement framework for major building construction and significant refurbishment projects throughout the South West region. Some key parameters, dates and links are listed below.

  • The Framework Agreement will operate for four years commencing in August 2009.
  • CFSW is a framework for principal contractors through which individual projects or programmes of building works may be developed, procured and implemented. While parts of the major Works may include elements of consultancy, technical advice and civil engineering, this Framework is not primarily for the delivery of consultancy services or civil engineering works.
  • CFSW is primarily intended for the delivery of projects of over £1 million with some projects that may exceed or significantly exceed £30 million. There may be a minority of projects down to £250,000 for which Framework Contractors will be able to bid on an optional basis.
  • The Framework may be used by any public body in the South West which could include County, District, City and Unitary Local Authorities as well as Fire and Rescue Services, Police authorities, and other Emergency Service Organisations Universities, Further Education establishments, Health Services including Primary Care Trusts, Housing Associations and any other public bodies located in the region including Government Departments and Government Agencies.

More detail about the scope and parameters of the Framework may be found by following the links below:

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