SW public body spend

Formative work (based on a limited and restricted survey of organisations) on building construction spending by public body organisations in the South West has identified that conservatively over £450 million annually is spent by County Councils, Unitary Authorities, District Councils, Police & Fire Authorities and Universities.

In the first two years of operation, approximately £240m of projects have been procured via CFSW. This equates to an estimated 25% of the annual expenditure identified above. CFSW estimate in excess of £9m savings have been achieved through the use of the Framework to date. Data is currently being analysed (cost, time, KPI) but early indications are that overall value for money is significantly better on CFSW projects than schemes procured via traditional single stage tendering. This very much replicates the results from the IESE Construction Framework (Tier 1) and demonstrates to Users, Consultants and Providers that the CFSW collaborative approach is even more relevant in times of austerity as we seek to deliver value within the public sector.