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Road clearing

A Parish Lengthsman carries out minor highway maintenance jobs on a regular basis, such as, trimming hedges, clearing gullies and debris, reporting larger problems to the County Council Highways Team.

Peter Tavy, Mary Tavy and Brentor Parish Councils have joined together on a trial basis to secure the services of a local person to deal with Lengthsman duties which needed immediate attention. They now have a locally available resource to deal with issues as they arise rather than having to wait for the timetabled visit from the County Council Lengthsman.

Snow Wardens, nominated by town and parish councils, are volunteers that help prevent communities from becoming cut off during periods of extreme weather such as heavy snow. Trained by the County Council and provided with limited amounts of salt to keep the minor roads and pathways clear, many local villages are now part of the Snow Warden scheme, providing much more localised targeted support during adverse weather.

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