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When the Post Office withdrew its services from many small community shops in Devon, there was concern that these villages would lose their ‘heart’. There are many successful examples in Devon of where communities took action to ensure they still had a thriving village shop providing the essentials and keep a strong sense of community going.

The Burrow in Exbourne is an example not only of the community pulling together to run a shop – but building one too!

A fund raising committee was set-up to identify fund raising opportunities and sources of external grant funding. Over 40 local volunteers then came forward to be involved in the running of the shop. They ranged from those who worked in the shop, to those who wanted to be involved in setting up the shop. Others simply helped by making a 20 mile round trip to collect bread from a local bakery.

The innovative, new shop and post office is a great example of where people in isolated communities have come together for the greater good.

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