Alternative funding sources

Don’t fit the eligibility?

There may still be funding available for installation of retrofit measures in your home, even if you don’t strictly fit the criteria for grants through the Cosy Devon website. 


The Energy Company Obligation flexible eligibility scheme (ECOflex) is an agreement between the government and energy companies over a certain size, which provides funding for retrofit measures in people’s homes when their income is at or around (including slightly over) £30k but they do not qualify for means tested benefits.  

Individual councils can set the threshold for income.  

You can check your eligibility by looking at your council’s ECO flex Statement of Intent. This can be found by following the links below. 

Grant funding comes from the energy companies, with approvals of your eligibility (declarations) being signed off by your council.  

If after looking at the Statements of Intent, you think you might be eligible, you will have to contact an energy agent in order to have a survey of your house done.  You may also have to answer some questions about your energy use. Energy agents in your area are normally listed on your council’s website, on the page which deals with Energy Efficiency measures and Eco flex funding (see local council ECOflex links on this page).   

After surveying your house, your energy agent will contact the council to see if they can sign your declaration.  

Once a council has signed a declaration, the energy company pays the grant funding to your energy agent after they have carried out the necessary works. 

More information can be found about ECOflex, on your local council’s website

Torbay Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

Mid Devon Council Eco flex and Statement of Intent 

Torridge Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

East Devon Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

South Hams District Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

Exeter City Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

West Devon Borough Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent  

Plymouth City Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

North Devon Council Ecoflex and Statement of Intent 

Lendology CIC

If you do not qualify for grants, then there are other options available for you to explore. 

Lendology borrow money from the public and private sector in order to make available low interest loans for whole or part house retrofit measures. They offer finance to homeowners on low incomes and to landlords who want to carry out energy efficiency work on their properties. 

Lendology do not apply the same criteria as other lenders, and can lend to a wider market, including those who may have been excluded from access to mainstream finance providers.  

They can finance or part finance; 

  • Energy Efficiency Measures 
  • Retrofit 
  • Home Improvements 
  • Landlord improvements 
  • Empty house upgrade 
  • Bulk fuel Costs 

You can find out if you are eligible by filling out a simple online application form which will give you a decision in principle. This will not affect your credit score. Find out more about what Lendology offer, and how you can apply here: 

Your local community energy organisation

You can speak to your local community energy organisation if you need further help after exploring alternative sources of funding. 

Where Organisation Contact
West Devon Tamar Energy Community 0800 233 5414
South Hams South Dartmoor Community Energy 0800 112 3044
Plymouth Plymouth Energy Community 01752 477 117
North Devon and Torridge 361 Energy 01271 599 361
Exeter, Mid Devon, East Devon, Teignbridge, Torbay Exeter Community Energy 0800 772 3617