By working in partnership with the Local Authority and the other Phase Associations, DAPH promotes an open and transparent consultative process by proactively seeking opinion and feedback of the broader membership. This ensures that schools are given the opportunity to contribute, and that their views are fairly represented when influencing and shaping policy or strategy.

Feedback from consultations enable DAPH to advise the Local Authority on how policy and strategy impacts directly on schools. It also provides the opportunity to monitor the ongoing effect of such policies.

Consultations on specific topics are highlighted to the wider membership via the DAPH Update newsletter.


The Early Years Single Funding Formula Funding Arrangements 2015/16 Devon Consultation 26 June – 11 July 2014

In line with our Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) settlement, there has been no increase in the provider hourly funding rate for at least 3 years. We are now seeking to address that although any change to the formula must be sustainable and affordable; the purpose of this consultation is to consider how this might be achieved, therefore your views are important.

To support the consultation, four events were held across the county  in July 2014 to give an understanding on how the funding will change. For those who did not attend, the 2015/16 Funding Arrangements Presentation is available to view on the website. A summary of responses will be released during the Autumn term.