Adult social care day services consultation

Devon County Council has been very carefully considering the future of its services at the authority’s day centres and how people’s needs can best be met. This has included an extensive period of consultation with staff, clients, their families and carers and a range of stakeholders, and consideration of the alternative provision available.

Following these considerations, the County Council will stop providing day services for older people and people with learning disabilities, except in areas of insufficient alternative provision.

This means that day services in 17 day centres will stop over a phased period of time. The three Mid Devon short break schemes will also stop over the coming months.

Please be assured that there will be no change to entitlement and everyone eligible for Council support will continue to receive it. The County Council will do everything it can to help clients find a new day service or support either through the voluntary sector or through the independent sector.

The Council will continue to directly provide day services in the areas where alternative provision is not currently available. 17 services are retained, including merged centres. Investment in new services at Totnes, Tavistock, and Newton Abbot will continue.

Due to the high number of County Council day centres in Barnstaple and the restricted number of alternatives, services for older people and adults with learning disabilities will be located to a single site.

Staff and each person directly affected have been contacted in writing and will be supported throughout the coming changes.

Following further consideration of the matter at the Council’s People Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 26 June, the decision is final and can be acted upon immediately.

The overall recommendation report, individual reports and impact assessments are now available.

If you have any questions please email or call Care Direct on 0345 155 1012.