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I hope so. We all make mistakes in life, children Pa, what is it? What is it, Pa? He’s alright. Get out of town, I didn’t know you did anything creative. Ah, let me read some.

Calm down, Marty, I didn’t disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of Einstein and the car are completely intact. Yeah Mom, we know, you’ve told us this story a million times. You felt sorry for him so you decided to go with him to The Fish Under The Sea Dance. We all make mistakes in life, children Okay Doc, this is it. George McFly? Oh, he’s kinda cute and all, but, well, I think a man should be strong, so he could stand up for himself, and protect the woman he loves. Don’t you?

Well, because George, nice girls get angry when guys take advantage of them. Let me show you my plan for sending you home. Please excuse the crudity of this model, I didn’t have time to build it to scale or to paint it. You okay, is everything alright? Hey you, get your damn hands off, oh. Uh, well, I gotta go.

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