Why is this election important?

Devon County Council is one of the South West’s key Councils, and is responsible for 85% of all local public services in Devon.

With an annual budget of over £1.1 billion, it touches the lives of thousands of people by providing vital local services to support children and families, the elderly and vulnerable and communities. It is also responsible for important infatructure such as Devon’s massive road network and is the ONLY democratically elected voice for the whole County on issues such as the economy and sustainability.

Helping the local community to recover from the recession, investing in a sustainable future for our communities, protecting the environment, caring for our growing number of old people, ensuring a good future for our children are all key issues the County continues to face over the coming years. Continued pressure on public spending, a national crisis in health and social care, devolution of powers from Westminster and Brexit all give this particular election added significance.

The elections on 4 May 2017 is the chance for local people to have a real say and influence the future direction of the County and local priorities over the next four years.

For the chance to have your say, you need to to be registered to vote.