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How to guide – Registration and profile management

How to register

How to create or edit a listing

How to create or edit an event

Creating or editing your event

  1. Log in to your account,
  2. From the welcome screen after logging in, click on the listing updates option on the left. If you would like to post a forthcoming event in the ‘what’s on’ section, click on ‘what’s on’ in the blue menu bar, then click on ‘submit your event’ on the right. This will take you to the same form as creating a listing but the information you add will allow the Pinpoint team to add your record as an event.
  3. Complete the form ensuring you include details about the event’s location and start and end dates
  4. Agree to terms and conditions

What happens after submitting your event

  1. Once submitted, your event will be moderated by the Pinpoint team and if approved, will appear on the website.
  2. If for some reason your listing is rejected, this will be highlighted when you view your event in your user account under ‘Update listings’

How to create or edit a Personal Assistant profile

How to create or edit an advert for a Personal Assistant