Devon Discounts


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Devon Discounts?

Devon Discounts is the Devon County Council employee online discount portal offering staff, who are on the Devon County Council payroll, a variety of high street retail discounts such as money off a new bike through the Cycle to Work scheme to gym membership, all in one place.


Who can use Devon Discounts?

Devon Discounts is intended for use by members of Devon County Council employees, in a personal capacity only. Under no circumstances should it be used to purchase equipment or materials for County Council purposes.


Can I apply to be a supplier? Am I eligible?

Devon Discounts exists to promote discounts to employees of Devon County Council, and in doing so relies on the supplier trading fairly and honestly. We are therefore likely to decline applications from suppliers where:

  • there is no demonstrable benefit to consumers or other customers in the goods or services being supplied by the business.
  • the goods or services offer an alleged benefit which is not capable of being substantiated.
  • the goods or services being offered cannot be lawfully supplied in the EU.
  • the services being offered are of a broadly financial investment nature, that rely on the future value of goods or land, speculation on commodity, shares or other products, unless the products, business and sales representatives are regulated by the Financial Services Authority or similar regulator.
  • the goods or services being offered are such that the local authority or other business members would incur a risk to their reputation by association.
  • the goods or services being offered are of a religious, spiritual or personal belief nature such that membership might be construed as endorsing that religion or belief.
  • there is information in the public domain about the applicant supplier which may, by association, damage the reputation of Devon County Council.

The specific categories of supplier organisations, products or services which may not be promoted through Devon Discounts are as follows:

a. Types of organisations:

  • Political parties
  • Political organisations
  • Organisations that promote racism or discrimination
  • Any organisation associated with ‘adult industries’ or pornography

b. Types or products and services:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Weaponry
  • Promotion of unhealthy foods (from a Public Health perspective)
  • Pornography
  • Adult content
  • Devon County Council wishes to ensure that there can be no questions as to content suitability. Therefore, any content or advertising which has an overtly sexual ‘tone’ will also be excluded.

c. We will also not accept a Devon Discount from any supplier/organisation that is in financial or legal dispute with the council, and we will also show caution when discounts or offers where:

  • an organisation/supplier is in the process of a planning application;
  • an organisation/supplier who is in the process of a tender application;
  • an organisation/supplier is in conflict with local residents over a planned development in the County; and association with an organisation/supplier may conflict with the work of the council and our partners.


I have a business and want to provide an offer to Devon County Council employees, what should I do?

Have look at the ‘becoming a Devon Discounts supplier‘ web page and refer to the Supplier Terms and Conditions, then submit an offer using the online form.

You will be emailed with an agreement (PDF) based on the Supplier Terms and Conditions to sign and send back to us. We can only publicise your discount/offer if you agree to our terms and conditions. A ‘scrutiny group’ then checks the offer and we contact you. Your offer will remain on the Devon Discounts website for the time you specify and you must notify us if the offer changes.


Who makes up the Devon Discounts scrutiny group?

Communications, HR, Legal, Procurement and Trading Standards at Devon County Council.


Is Devon County Council endorsing the offers supplied on Devon Discounts?

No. Information held about a supplier does not imply an endorsement of that supplier or its services by Devon County Council. Please refer to the disclaimer.


How to claim your discounts

The majority of the discounts available through Devon Discounts will require you to use a voucher or an online code and prove you work for Devon County Council.  But don’t let that put you off, as it really is easy to use once you follow the instructions for each offer.


What is my username and password?

By reading the Devon County Council staff e-newsletter Insider you can access your login details and can start shopping straight away. If you don’t currently receive Insider contact

Staff of Devon County Council must not to disclose login details to people who are not employees.


How can I access Devon Discounts?

Login using your mobile device, work PC or home computer. The website address can be accessed from anywhere. You can also scan the QR code box on the logo, using your mobile phone.


When can I make purchases?

Please make purchases in your personal time, such as before or after work or during your lunch break. If you choose to make purchases using a Council computer this must not incur any costs to the Council. The Devon County Council internet policy for employees can be found on the Source. Please remember the Code of Practice:

Limited use of the Devon County Council Internet Service and email for private purposes is allowed if it:

  • is in your own time
  • does not incur additional expense to the Council
  • does not waste time or interfere with normal work.

Private use for commercial gain is not allowed. Technical support will not be provided where problems exist with private usage.


Where can I find details of the employee discount scheme and the retailers included on Devon Discounts?

You need to be a Devon County Council employee to log onto the site using the username and password supplied to them by the Communications team via the weekly Insider e-newsletter. They can then view all of the offers which are split into different shopping categories.


Can the savings be used in conjunction with other offers?

Suppliers determine how each discount or offer can be used. Please check the terms and conditions per offer.


What if I have a complaint about a supplier?

Users are advised that they (and not Devon County Council) are responsible for resolving any complaints directly with the supplier or suppliers in question.  However users who have serious concerns about a supplier may wish to notify Devon County Council (providing details and reasons) by emailing clearly marking the email ‘Devon Discounts’.


I couldn’t get the offer I wanted, what should I do?

Shops and suppliers change policies regularly, so report any issues to the supplier first and tell us too – and remember items can be cheaper elsewhere even after the discount (compare prices). See also, tips for safer shopping.


Further information about Devon Discounts

Devon Discounts launched in September 2103. Employees of Devon County Council receive the Insider e-newsletter once a week and Devon Discounts is promoted to staff with access to the e-newsletter on a regular basis.