Devon School Closures

Clearing out of date information from the spreadsheet

Log into Google Docs by using the details above and clicking on the “Devon school closures” spreadsheet link.

There are three worksheets: Master information sheet, Current information and Sort.

Master information sheet: this is the main information collected from the form. Before deleting anything from this form you should save the current information by going to “File > Download as…” and selecting Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx). Save this somewhere suitable on the network. Suggested naming convention would be date of download (ie, “school closures – 23rd November 2012” or something similar)

Current information: this sheet pulls content from the Master sheet for displaying on the website. Do not edit this sheet directly, delete rows from the Master information sheet and the changes will automatically replicate on this sheet.

Sort: this sheet contains a backup of the formula used to pull information from the Master information sheet into the Current information sheet. This should never be edited.

To delete content from the spreadsheet, go into the Master information sheet and select the rows you wish to delete. Right click on one of the selected rows and select “Delete rows…”.

That’s it! Changes made to the spreadsheet will take approximately 15 minutes to appear online.

If the change is an urgent one, you can force the website to update manually. To do this go to “File > Publish to the web”. A new box will appear with various options. Just click on the button called “Republish now”. The date and time next to the button will change to the current time and date. Click the “Close” button to continue.

When you are done editing the spreadsheet just close the window, tab or browser. The document will automatically save itself.