A leader-led approach

A leader-led approach to work does not mean a traditional, hierarchical, top-down way of working. It’s about working from the centre, and recognising that leaders are the people in the system who have the power to make truly systemic and sustainable changes.

Leaders will constantly need to:

  • Test their assumptions

    by going in to the [work: jargon to be explained]

  • Challenge themselves and each other

    to ensure decision making is for the right reasons and doesn’t create unnecessary demand elsewhere

  • Use their power

    within the system to facilitate improvement and remove barriers that are getting in the way of us helping people to live their lives well.

Connecting with the system

This approach involves leaders connecting with, and really understanding, the systems they are responsible for from the citizen’s perspective. Then, from a place of knowledge and understanding, they can create the conditions for staff to meet citizens’ needs as efficiently as possible.

An example

A service or team will need to be supported when stepping back to look at their whole system, and to effectively identify what matters to citizens and consider new approaches. Those new approaches may involve changes in policy, processes or how the service works with partner services.

Only a leader who is involved and sees the opportunities will be able give permission or use their authority to lead change.