A principle-led approach

We believe that the best way to meet our purpose is to understand, and then do, what matters to our citizens. We’re going to make this happen by using a principle-led approach.

These principles will guide our decision-making and our relationships with each other, our citizens, our partners and stakeholders.

Our principles

  • We will do what matters

    Understanding and doing what matters for citizens means that we will be clear on the real problem to solve. We can then work to resolve it appropriately and effectively – ensuring that people can get back to living their life well as soon as possible.

  • We will take an outside in approach

    We will understand our work by looking in to our organisation from a citizen’s perspective. We will learn how our system – our policies, processes and services – looks and feels to citizens interacting with and affected by it. We will use this outside in knowledge and understanding to help us design systems that help citizens to live their lives well.

  • Our work will be based on knowledge, data and understanding

    The way we design and implement our services will be based on understanding the consequences of what we do across our whole system. This will mean constantly challenging ourselves and each other to learn and develop; and creating the space and opportunities for that learning to happen.

  • We will use better measures

    We will design and use measures that tell us whether we are helping people to live their lives well. Our measures will clearly show us what is working and what isn’t; and help us to learn and improve the way that we understand and meet people’s needs.

Staying focussed on what matters

Our principles are our way of keeping ourselves focused on purpose and checking that we are all heading in the right direction. A set of principles, created and validated in the work, liberates and empowers staff to do the right thing to meet our purpose. A principle-led approach also supports ongoing learning and improvement, and is flexible across different situations and environments.

Our principles belong to all of us. They can be challenged and can evolve to ensure that they are always helping us to do what matters.

These guiding principles can only help us if they are relevant to the work we are doing so we will be creating them as our work develops.