Nine purposeful systems

We have developed these nine purposeful systems based on our current knowledge. So we know that these will change as we work with citizens to get greater understanding about people’s needs, how people interact with our system and the real problems to solve.

Work has started in some of these areas to build our knowledge, data and understanding about how our system currently works; and how it feels for people to interact with and move through our system.

I want Devon County Council to help to build a Devon where I can:

Become and remain independent

This is about how we help people to live their lives in an independent way that makes sense for them.

Get the best start in life

This area looks at how we meet our purpose of ensuring that all children reach school age emotionally, physically and mentally ready to start school; and prepared for a successful academic journey.

Get from A to B

This area considers how easy it is for people to get from A to B to do the things that they want or need to do in a way that makes sense for them.

Help me to learn

This area looks at how people are supported to learn, develop and grow throughout their lives. How learning is made available and how our education system is designed to most effectively meet people’s needs.

Help to stay healthy

This area looks at how people are supported to maintain their health. It will also look at how people are fixed when they are unwell and how they are supported to stay fixed in the long term, to prevent them coming back in to the system unnecessarily.

Help me to keep my environment safe and looking good

This area looks at how well we understand what people need from their local areas, and how we support people to live in safe places which give them a good quality of life.

Help me to prosper

This area looks at the role Devon County Council plays in supporting sustainable economic growth in Devon.

Help me to keep safe

This area looks at how well we listen to understand and support vulnerable people to help keep them safe from harm. And how we meet the safeguarding needs of people who experience abuse; their families; carers and anyone who works with people with health or social care needs.

Help me to see that good decisions are being made

This area looks at the democratic system and how decisions are currently made in Devon County Council. We would want to understand the thinking and assumptions which affect our decision making and the systemic consequences of those decisions.