Help me to become and remain independent

This is about how we help people to live their lives in an independent way that makes sense for them. Most people don’t want to be involved with public services, but at some point in their life may find that changes to health, income, family circumstances or issues in their local area affect them and mean that they need some help to get their life back in to balance.

What we are doing now

Work has started in this area to build our knowledge, data and understanding about how our system currently works; and how it feels for people to interact with and move through our system.

Northern Devon health and social care

We have taken Northern Devon as a discrete geographical area for leaders to get a deeper understanding of the adult health and social care service as a system, to gather data and information on current performance and to determine what issues and opportunities currently exist.

Leaders have undertaken scoping to understand how citizens currently move through the system, and which organisations and services are part of the citizen’s system. We have created user journey maps to see how well we currently understand a citizen and how efficient our system currently is at meeting their needs.


We want to understand how the system feels for young people and their families when transitioning from children’s health and social care support to adults’ health and social care support. Leaders have been scoping in Northern and South Devon; going in to the work to talk with managers, social workers, specialist teams, parents and young people.

The knowledge and understanding gained from this scoping has been collated and discussed. The team are using this information to develop an action plan for next steps, including going back in to the work to fill any gaps in our knowledge, creating a system picture to show how work is flowing through the system and identifying an area to begin redesign work.