Help me to get from A to B

This area considers how easy it is for people to get from A to B to do the things that they want or need to do in a way that makes sense for them.

What we are doing now

Work has started in this area to build our knowledge, data and understanding about how our system currently works; and how it feels for people to interact with and move through our system.

Scoping the system

Leaders are currently:

  • getting knowledge about how the money works in the system and how that influences decision-making
  • building a system picture of maintenance, and understanding the flow of work through our system
  • mapping work and development in a geographic area to understand pressures and opportunities.

We are also looking at passenger transport which is currently part of A to B, but is clearly linked to Help me become and remain independent and Help me to learn. Scoping work is establishing what the system looks and feels like for citizens, and how different bits of the system do or don’t work together and why that is.