This site is confidential to DPLS staff only. Access is to the site is protected and should not be shared outside of the service.

This site has been designed as a channel for regular news and communications with all DPLS Staff over the forthcoming months towards conversion into sponsored academies.

With such a significant change approaching the service, there will be many thoughts, plans and news to share across DPLS. As will there be many questions from staff about the process, which we hope to answer through this site.

The regular communication newsletters will continue and will be shared here on this site for staff to view, along with details of the future consultations.

Information about the chosen sponsor, TBG, will be shared here too. This will include details of forthcoming opportunities to meet TBG and to put forward your questions or feedback to them.

This site has been set up with the function to post questions and feedback to the project team and has a ‘frequently asked questions’ page which will be regularly updated throughout the process.

If you need the username and password for this site please contact Tara Massey-Pearce on 01392 384683 or email tara.massey-pearce@devon.gov.uk.