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Guide: Post-16 transport


There is no automatic entitlement to free transport once a student is over 16.

We will provide travel assistance for some eligible post-16 students but you or your parents/carers will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of your travel. You should consider whether you can travel more cheaply on public transport. The Traveline South West website can be used for ideas on how to plan your journey.

To be eligible for travel assistance:

  • you must be over 16 and under 19 on 1 September
  • you must live in the Devon local authority area not Torbay or Plymouth
  • you must be attending a full time Further Education (FE) course
  • you must attend your designated establishment
  • the journey from your home to the main school or college campus must be three miles or more
  • your journey will take less than 75 minutes.

It is essential that post 16 students check their transport eligibility with the School Transport team on 0345 155 1019 before opting for a particular establishment.

Please also note that:

  • transport assistance is only provided for one inward and one outward journey at the beginning and end of the official day
  • students may need to make their way to a pick up point up to three miles from their home address
  • assistance is not provided to establishments beyond reasonable daily travelling distance, defined as less than 75 minutes, where the majority of the journey may be taken on existing contract routes and/or public transport
  • students who move outside the area served by the local authority part way through their course must apply to the new local authority for assistance
  • transport is not provided to work experience
  • where a college operates on more than one site, transport is only provided to the main site

The information contained in this guide is also summarised in the Transport for post-16 students leaflet.

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