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Education, training and employment

When you have decided on a career path, you need to look at education and training courses that will support you in achieving this. All young people need to stay in education or training until they are 18. Schools must help young people to identify what they are interested in learning about, from year 9 which provides opportunities for the future. This could be through a:

  • Full time education, for example, school or college or sixth form.
  • An apprenticeship, traineeship or supported internship.
  • Part time education or training combined with either employment (or self-employment) for 20 hours or more a week or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week.
  • Higher Education, information about what support you could receive and applications to UCAS can be found on our Education for young adults page.

School and colleges should support young people with career planning and preparing for employment this could include early planning and interviews.

Here is a video of young people discussing training and employment options:

Have a look at some case studies from Devon:

CSW Group

CSW Group support young people with an EHCP from academic year 9 if they are likely to make a transition to a different post 16 provider in Year 11. CSW Group help these young people to think about what career they would like in the future, and plan what they will do when they leave school. CSW also provides this support if the young person is in Year 12 or above making a transition to a different education provider.  CSW Group also support young people with an EHCP if they are NEET (not in education, employment or training).

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