We want families to know what support is available to help them and how they can access it when they need.

These pages provide information about what support is available to you and your family in Devon.

  • Support groups and networks – there are lots of different support groups in Devon which offer varied support including online and community groups, parent forums and information and advice services.
  • Short breaks for respite offer a chance for children and young people with SEND to make friends and gain self-confidence. They also offer parents and family members a break from caring responsibilities.
  • Childcare and wraparound care – find out more about how to find suitable childcare in your area.
  • Finding activities for your family – find out how you can search for suitable activities for your family in Devon.

Contact information

To find out more about SEND support in your area you can also contact our SEND team by email at sendlocaloffer@devon.gov.uk or by phone on 01392 383000 and asking for ‘SEND local offer’.