Religion, faith or belief

People sat looking at candels

There are many faiths and beliefs held by people living in Devon and as a public authority it is our legal duty to ensure we advance equality, eliminate discrimination and foster good relations between people because of their faith or belief. This duty covers goods and services as well as employment.

Devon has supported the setting up of the Devon Faith and Belief Forum who have a seat at our equality strategy meetings.

We also have a Contemplation and Prayer Room at our main centre or work (County Hall in Exeter) for staff, councillor and visitor use.

Guide to the world’s major religions and beliefs

This guide is intended to promote an awareness of religious diversity in Devon with an emphasis on respect but is not intended to be definitive. We hope that the guide will be of practical and symbolic importance in helping to engage effectively with colleagues and communities. You are welcome to download and print copies for your own use.

The Devon Faith and Belief Forum is currently working on a new version which will incorporate a wider range of faiths and beliefs.

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