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Carers’ Progression Scheme

Carers have the opportunity to develop their skills. By means of the annual appraisal with their link worker, they may progress through the Carers Progression Scheme which recognises the complexity of work undertaken.

Carers begin at a probationary stage, and may then progress over 3 years to Level 3. Progression will be dependent upon evidence of competency and will be backed by evidence such as specific tasks completed, records of observation, relevant experience, and a supporting statement.

Carers at a higher level will be seen as able to foster a child or children with more complex needs or more challenging behaviour. They may also play a significant role in recruitment, training, or representation within the Social Services Department.

There are increasing fees attached to the different levels of competency.

Carers’ approval levels can go down as well as up, but an Action Plan can always be agreed with Carers who wish to remain at a particular level but have not reached required training, occupancy or contribution levels.