Guide: Resources

Education and employment

document-orangeAdmitting Children in Care to School  – leaflet

Admissions – apply for a  a school place online

SEN Admissions – if the child or young person has a Statement of Special Educational Needs

Education Welfare Service – for advice on in-school and out-of-school-hours learning activities for children in care

Employment of Children – guidance on the rules, and your responsibilities as a carer and a parent.

document-orangeDownload Information for new foster carers on Child Employment

Exclusion – answers to the important questions

Financial Support for School Pupils – comprehensive coverage

Financial Support for Students over 16 – in sixth forms, colleges and universities
Libraries – find your nearest

Children’s library website

Music Service – helping young musicians to reach their full potential

Ofsted – the inspectorate for children and learners in England

Parents’ Evenings   – make the most of them with this leaflet

Personal Education Allowance (PEA) – guidance, application form and evaluation form, see under Children in Care

Special Educational Needs – a comprehensive guide to services

Term Dates

Transport – from home to school or college

What do National Curriculum levels mean?