Guide: Resources

Policies and procedures

We are guided (and governed) in our fostering work by the Fostering Services Regulations (Care Standards Act 2000) and the Code of Practice we endeavour to meet and surpass the recommended minimum standards in all areas of our fostering work.

document-orangeWe have a Statement of Purpose  that provides an overview of our aims and objectives.

Devon fostering service works in partnership with children and young people, their families and carers to provide safe caring homes that value the difference in children and young people and help them to achieve their full potential.

We are working to become a service which fully meets and exceeds the National Minimum Standards.

document-orangeMost of the policies and procedures that affect you are included in shortened form in the Foster Care Handbook . Your fostering social worker can give you information about specific policies, as you need them.

document-orangeIn addition, the training programme includes information for you about the way procedures are followed, for example in child protection work.

As carers you will come into contact with the legislation through your reviews, meetings with fostering staff, and in helping us shape future policies and practice. Your main voice in this area is your Foster Care Strategy Group Representatives. Do let them know your views, we take them very seriously, and find them very helpful.

Devon Children and Families Procedures Manual

Devon Safeguarding Children Board – for important information about safeguarding children

South West Child Protection Procedures – contain standard operating procedures.
There are step-by-step instructions about what to do when you
are worried about a child, and much guidance for other situations.