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Welcome to Devon Funding News

The Devon Funding News is maintained by the Economy & Enterprise Service of Devon County Council. Devon Funding News is available both as a PDF and as an online resource for residents within the geographic boundary of Devon.

This online resource is intended:

  • to give advance notice of proposed changes to funds
  • to provide a more engaging and efficient platform than the PDF equivalent
  • to cover news of the latest external funds relevant to Devon County Council and its partners in the community and voluntary sector
  • to provide contacts for further information

Funds have been categorised into three main sections: business, social and environment. There is a further section that highlights specific Lottery and European based funds, themselves subsets of the three main sections.

Useful links to information on funding are also provided and a new e-newsletter that allows you to receive information/updates on funds in your specific area of interest will be following shortly.

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