Fund title: Abertay Digital Prototype Grant Funding – Launch of New Round

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To foster economic growth, facilitate job creation, and improve skills development in the sector.

Application deadline:

5pm on Wednesday 17 July 2013.

Fund description:

Abertay University’s business support office has launched a new round of the Abertay Digital Prototype Grant Funding programme.

Grants of up to £25,000 are available for small companies (based anywhere in the UK) that are developing their own games or other forms of interactive digital content.

The grants can be used to develop prototypes of original intellectual property (IP), allowing companies to go on to seek further funding or investment to launch their product. As part of the programme’s offering, studio space, equipment, and software will be available for companies to use while prototypes are being developed at Abertay University.

Games projects and other forms of interactive digital content, such as e-learning, visualisation, interactive exhibits, online film/broadcast media, or middleware can be supported.

Grants can be used for a range of expenditure identified within the project budget, primarily:

  • Costs for a selected number of the applicant’s development team.
  • Part-time employment costs of a proportion of students or graduates selected as part of the student placement element.
  • Additional costs, such as a contractor to fill a gap in the team.

For the current round of funding, the sponsor has set specific criteria for applicants to consider. It will only review applications that:

  • are games entertainment specific;
  • are from companies that are already registered with Companies House and have previously completed and released games/a game into the marketplace; and
  • complete the prototype work before 1 December 2013.


Further information: