Fund title: Devon Community Foundation

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Provides quick and easy to apply for grants for small charities, community or voluntary groups.

Application deadline:

11th August 2013

Fund description:

Devon Community Foundation is currently accepting expressions of interest in the following:

  • Community groups and organisations in the Tavistock area which tackle deprivation and make a positive difference to the lives of local disadvantaged people.
  • Relief of rural and isolated communities
  • Disability projects which provide services or support to disabled adults or children. (Small groups, with strong support from volunteers and modest fundraising and administration).
  • Those who are excluded or disadvantaged through low income, rural isolation, age disabilities, race, sexuality or gender (small groups with a clear understanding of the needs of their community).
  • To offer young people the chance to lay down firm foundations for adulthood or specifically working with young people at risk.
  • To help groups or individuals to alleviate mobility in relation to disability or ill health.
  • To support youth opportunities, general welfare and preservation.
  • To support small informal, mainly volunteer led, grassroots voluntary and community groups and organisations in the Stonehouse area in Plymouth. Working with children and young people who are aged 25 years and under. Activities that promote learning and personal development of children and young people in way to enhance their employment opportunities and life chances.
  • To support small groups looking to bring about positive social change for the most disadvantaged people in the community.

Further information: