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Fund title: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights – €20 Million Global Call for Combating Discrimination Launched (EU)

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To help civil society in their work of defending the fundamental rights and freedoms which underpin democratic processes and helping them to become an effective force for political reform and defence of human rights.

Application deadline:

8th August 2013

Fund description:

A Global Call for Combating Discrimination has now been launched. A total budget of €20 million is available. This Call is divided into four lots, with €5 million available for each of the following lots:

  • LOT 1 – Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples
  • LOT 2 – Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI)
  • LOT 3 – Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief (or non-belief)
  • LOT 4 – Worst forms of discrimination against girl infants – Female infanticide (0 to 5 years old)

Added value will be given to proposals that:

  1. Pay special attention to persons with disabilities belonging to the targeted groups within the lot.
  2. Propose innovative activities such as – whenever possible – the involvement of traditional/tribal/religious leaders and local authorities in fighting discrimination against the targeted groups.
  3. Focus on the needs and challenges faced by the targeted groups living outside the capitals and in remote areas.

Grants of between €300,000 and €1 million are available for up to 95% of eligible costs.

Further information: