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Fund title: NESTA Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support public services, charities, social enterprises and for profit businesses that demonstrate their projects will deliver public benefit (outlined in description).

Application deadline:

31st October 2013

Fund description:

1. We are looking to support activities by innovative ventures and programmes that:

– Are able to demonstrate a positive impact on outcomes in one of our four priority fields:

  • Helping people to age well, particularly by supporting people over 50 to have a purpose, a sense of well-being and to be connected to others.
  • Enabling people with long-term health conditions to have a better quality of life, particularly through the use of peer-to-peer networks and groups.
  • Supporting and encouraging young people to succeed and find employment, for example through mentoring, coaching, and peer-to-peer networks.
  • Using new approaches to “impact volunteering” to mobilise volunteers to increase and enhance the outcomes achieved by public services.

– Harness social action effectively – mobilising citizens and communities – to work       alongside public services.
– Have an ambitious and financially sustainable strategy for growing their impact by reaching and benefiting many more people.
– Have a commitment to rigorously measuring their on-going performance and progress against our Standards of Evidence.
– Are supported by a competent management team who are open to challenge and support.

2. The Innovation Fund is able to support public services, charities, social enterprises and for profit businesses provided they can demonstrate that their projects will deliver public benefit. We can support incorporated entities and unincorporated associations with formal membership structures, but not individuals.

3. A number of organisations can apply together, but one must act as lead and take responsibility for the others.

4. Nesta can only fund projects which advance our charitable objects for public benefit. We may impose conditions and restrictions on private benefit and profit derived from our funding.

5. As the Innovation Fund is financed by the Cabinet Office, grants will come from public funds and must not be used in a way that constitutes unprovable State Aid.

6. While applicants can be established in any part of the UK, the benefits of their proposals should focus primarily or significantly on England.

7. We cannot fund projects which are party political, or which support or promote religious activity, and can only fund limited paid for marketing or advertising.

Further information: