Fund title: Reaching Communities England

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To fund projects that help people and communities that are most in need, supporting buildings or sites based in the most deprived ‘Lower Super Output Areas’ (LSOAs) in England.

Application deadline:

See further information.

Fund description:

Following a review of the programme in November 2011, the following LSOAs are eligible to apply:

  • the most deprived 20% of LSOA’s categorised as urban
  • the most deprived 20% of LSOA’s categorised as rural (town and fringe)
  • the most deprived 50% of LSOA’s categorised as rural (village/hamlets/isolated dwellings)

You can apply for funding for a revenue or smaller capital project if you’re a voluntary and or community organisation, school, local authority, not for profit organisation or social enterprise.

You can only apply if your organisation is an unincorporated association, incorporated association, trust or company set up and registered as a charity, an unincorporated association set up as a voluntary and community group, a community interest company, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, a community benefit society or a town or parish council.

See the further information link below for more details.

Further information: