Sharing information securely

When you share information,, whatever the method, you must take precautions to ensure the sharing is as secure as possible. Here are some tips, more detailed guidance is available to employees on the council intranet.

  • Face to face in meetings – consider whether everyone present ‘needs to know’ and are legally entitled to hear or receive the information you share.
  • Discussions in offices or public places – be careful not to identify people by names unless you have to and choose places where you cannot be overheard by those who shouldn’t hear your discussions.
  • Sharing over telephone – check the person’s identity and entitlement to the information before you release it
  • Sharing by fax or letter – you must double check the recipient’s fax number/ name and address details before you send it
  • Sharing by email – you must follow council guides to sharing information securely by email. Personal information must not be emailed unless the information is encrypted or the sender and recipient have a ‘secure email address’.

Sharing Information Securely – Hints and Tips