Reporting sharing security incidents

Devon County Council takes information security seriously and makes every effort to protect the personal information is holds from accidental loss, theft and unauthorised access.

If you share, or think you may have shared information with someone who was not entitled to the information in question, whether by phone, email, letter or fax; lose paper files or documents on the way to, from or during meetings; or have equipment; your Blackberry; briefcase or folder stolen or lost; you must complete the Council’s Information Security Incident Reporting Form.

Once you have filled out this form, the Information Governance Team will carry out an investigation, and will seek where appropriate, to rectify the incident, recover any data where possible and will look to put in place steps to help prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

If you find personal information or equipment; receive personal information where you are not the correct recipient or suspect someone is accessing or sharing information deliberately with someone who is not entitled to the information, please notify the Information Governance Team immediately on 01392 380100.