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“blur Group likes to do things differently, it’s served us well so far, and by moving into a developing space it provides an opportunity for us to continue our incredible growth as a company. Exeter has the right ingredients to become Europe’s San Francisco, and South West UK the new Silicon Valley. The South West combines innovation and technology excellence, a great mix of universities with both academic and venture focus and an established reputation in attracting leading tech firms while providing great incubation and support for earlier stage business. It’s a combination that has worked well for the US and has the potential to do the same in the UK.”

Phillip Letts - CEO, blur Group.

Philip Letts of blurGroupblur Group is a global technology company that is widely recognized as taking a new and innovative approach to commerce.  Through its Global Services Exchange, it supports the buying and selling of services through processes that make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for businesses to access the services they need.  It currently trades across 141 countries, allowing over 35,000 businesses to work with the best service providers across the globe.

Following on from the successful opening of its “R&D Centre” in Exeter in July, the international technology company has now also moved its Global HQ to Exeter Science Park.

blur group believes that South West of England shares many characteristics with well established tech-centric regions including Silicon Valley in California.  It sees the region as the perfect location from which to build on its position as one of the fastest growing LSE:AIM listed tech companies in 2013 and to continue its year-on-year growth.

The company was attracted to Devon by Devon Delivers, the inward investment programme run by Devon County Council.   Devon Delivers highlighted the growth potential in the area, and the company decided it was the ideal location to both expand and to provide the global centre for a business that includes regional commercial hubs in London, Dallas and Newport Beach California.

This relocation has the potential to see the company and county grow together. Over the past decade, Devon’s economy has grown at a much faster rate than the national average, expanding by 67% compared with 53% across the UK.  As an established market leader, blur Group’s move to become the founding company at the Exeter Science Park will almost certainly see it leading the way for others head to the South West.