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Graphic PLC, Crediton

Staff make all the difference at Graphic PLC

“We’re surrounded by fantastic countryside and the quality of life is a definite attraction for our employees. Our employees are extremely passionate about what we do and 60% of them have been with the company for more than ten years.”

Trevor Sanders – Sales and Marketing Director, Graphic PLC

The company motto at Graphic PLC is “Where People Make the Difference” – something as true today as when the company was established more than 40 years ago .

graphic-buildingThis period has seen the Crediton based company become one of the most well-established businesses in the field of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) supplying global customers in industries as diverse as Formula One to the medical industry.  Because of the reliability and high international specifications of their products, Graphic is now one of the European leaders in ‘High Density Interconnect circuit boards’.

Their success is clearly demonstrated by the host of multinational companies such as BAE systems, Sony and Hewlett Packard who make extensive use of Graphic’s products and they remain the only surviving original printed circuit board manufacturer in the world.

graphic-inspectingboardAs Trevor Sanders, Sales and Marketing Director for Graphic PLC, explains: “If our specialist customers are going to place components on our boards to a value ten times that of the bare board and then put it in a box which is packed full of electronics, and that in turn sits in the Eurofighter worth £80 million, they need to know it is going to work and there can be no failures. A large part of our products are linked to aviation and are ‘Flight Critical’, and dealing with Graphic gives our customers that extra assurance they are looking for.”

The company currently employs 170 people in the UK and their wealth of knowledge and experience is one of Graphic’s unique strengths.