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SF Simulation , Totnes

SFS's success is definitely not an illusion

"As Devon locals we obviously have a great passion for the area and aim to source as many of our products and services locally as possible. There is a great pool of skill and resources here , and there is a strong South West aerospace heritage which has greatly supported our development."

Stirling Paatz & John Parker - Founders, SF Simulation

Selective Fidelity Simulation (SFS) Ltd was formed in 2012 by Stirling Paatz and John Parker , and has rapidly become an established innovator in the field of Synthetic Training.

Sf simluation pilot 2Although simulation is widely used in high performance sectors such as aviation, until now, it has remained an extremely expensive resource, meaning limited take up elsewhere.  Although there has been a large drop in the price of simulation software, similar developments in terms of hardware have been slower. Sensing a significant gap in the market for high quality immersive simulation training on a smaller budget, SF Simulation aim to provide 80% of the effect for just 20% of the cost of traditional simulation system through their principle of ‘Targeted Fidelity®’

SFS offer a range of products for both the civil and military sectors, and have showcased their simulation solutions both in around the UK and overseas. In particular, the revolutionary G-Star® motion platform offers low cost, high acceleration motion texture to virtually any system including aircraft, ground vehicles and sea vessels , and SFS’s Pegasus simulated helicopter flight controls, are rapidly developing a reputation as the best in the market for professional or high level gaming use. Likewise, although their T45 davit trainer is currently being evaluated by the Royal Navy for use in the training of Fast Boat launching procedures, it has principles that can be applied to any on or offshore winching operation for highly effective procedural training.

sf simluation pilotSFs are constantly developing and refining their products, the latest of which is a full sized 737-800 cockpit with motion platform for a new flight training school being established in Devon which will initially be available for recreational flight experiences but ultimately will become a fully certified facility.