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Leading research centres

As well as thriving businesses, we are also home to several other world-leading research centres , that make full use of our strong knowledge base and educated workforce.

Centre for Energy and the Environment- Exeter

The Centre has worked with government, local authorities and businesses for over 30 years, using its pool of unique experience to help them reduce their carbon emissions and energy expenditure, and improve environmental performance.

Find out more about the Centre for Energy and the Environment.

Rothamsted Research – North Wyke (Nr. Okehampton)

Robotic gas analyserNow a department of Rothamsted Research , North Wyke provides a unique research capability for the UK and collaborates with scientists from complementary research centres to undertake world-leading research into the sustainable management of agricultural landscapes.

Find out more about North Wyke – Rothamsted Research.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent provider of scientific research and contract services relating to the marine environment. As a truly interdisciplinary marine science centre, PML’s research focuses on the interactions between the marine environment and society in estuarine, coastal and shelf waters, as well as the upper layers of the global ocean.

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Brixham Environmental Laboratory

Opened in 1948 , BEL is now part of Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals , providing them with facilities to test and minimise the environmental impact of their products although the lab also carries out extensive work for external clients as well. Much of the work carried out here, is at the cutting edge of its field , and although built in 1991, the lab’s ecotoxicolgy and analytical chemistry building remains one of the world’s most advanced facilities of this type.

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