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Case Studies

Food, Drink and Consumer Goods

burts lorryWe are passionate about good quality food and drink, so it makes sense that our county is home to some of the UK’s most popular food brands and suppliers. Our large rural areas, strong agricultural heritage and willing local market mean that we are an ideal location for food and drink based businesses.

One of the best known food companies based in here are Burts Chips, who have rapidly become leaders in the hand fried potato chip market. Organic vegetable supplier: Riverford Organics, started from humble beginnings in south Devon and have since expanded nationwide. Our more exotic food business are also thriving , like South Devon Chili Farm, high quality vanilla and chocolate producers: Littlepod and our award winning Venus Cafes.


Consumer goods

The natural mat co, Topsham. Our inspiring natural environment, strong creative sector and entrepreneurial population means our county is the base for a number of highly successful companies producing consumer goods. The Old Bag Company’s range of everyday and beach bags – inspired by our beautiful beaches, the Natural Mat Company based outside Exeter, and Rainbow Club Shoes now have significant celebrity followings, and export around the world.

the old bag co croppedNaturalmatRainbow club