Guide: At the bus stop

at the bus stop

Taking the bus is easy once you know where you are going and what to do to catch one. Here are a few tips to make your experience go a little smoother.

Find out when the bus is coming

  • Use our Interactive bus map to see the routes in your area and to view or download timetable information
  • Visit Traveline to plan your journey and get times for services across Devon
  • If you know your 8-letter bus stop code, or at a stop with a code, text it to 84268 to get times for the next 3 buses.
    See Plan Your Journey for more info

Make sure you have cash to pay your fare

Cheques, debit cards and credit cards are not accepted on buses. If possible you should make sure you have the correct change as some drivers may not be able to change notes of higher denominations.

How to catch the bus

You can normally catch your bus at any bus stop along its route. Please note that the timetable time is the time when the bus is due to depart or pass the stop if no-one is there, so make sure that you get to the stop a few minutes before the bus is due. When the bus approaches the route number and destination will be shown on the front. To catch the bus, put your hand out in good time for the driver to see you.

Need a little extra help?

The Devon Access Wallet makes catching buses and trains easier for anyone with communication difficulties, people with disabilities, deaf people and those whose first language is not English. It will also give bus and train staff a better understanding of the requirements of all disabled passengers. Find out more on the Devon County Council website.