Strategic Plan

Learn Devon’s strategic plan details the governance and structure of what we do and outlines the vision, aims, objectives and priorities that drive our work. It details our efforts to provide the people of Devon with a diverse and effective range of adult and community learning opportunities, as well as how the service contributes to the corporate priorities of Devon County Council.

The strategic plan is reviewed and updated annually so that it meets the needs of both the service and the people it serves.

To find out more about what we do and the courses that we offer visit our course finder or contact us through My Devon on 0345 155 1014

Learn Devon annually completes a self-assessment and quality improvement plan, which will be available on this website.

You can view our terms, conditions and policies, as well as get more information on our frequently asked questions page. If you are interested in how we support learners and offer help with fees you can find out more on our learning and support page.