CA - Reach your potential

Alexander Centre, Tavistock

Who is this course for?

Yes- If you are looking for ways to understand and support your emotional well-being.

Course content

Working as a group to tackle issues that can hold you back from reaching your potential, focusing on building your self-esteem.

Support and feedback

Support often comes from within the group, where you will find a safe learning environment, and mutual support.

Feedback comes in the form of group discussion and space to be heard and contribute.

Additional costs and requirements

All materials are provided, just a willingness to engage is needed to gain the most form this course.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Home activities may require you to think about or bring to the group issues that affect you, these may be used to help support the work we do in the sessions.

Start date27 Feb 2019
End date03 Apr 2019
Start time13:00
End time15:00
Concessions not available