Improving your confidence for jobseekers

Arts Centre, Bideford

Who is this course for?

Designed for learners who have been signposted by their Job Centre adviser or anyone who feels that they lack confidence in preparing for the workplace. This course is particularly suitable for those who may have been out of work for a while or are seeking their first job but also people whose circumstances have changed and/or have a disability or health problem which impinges on their capacity to search for a job.

Course content

We will explore reasons for lack of confidence and understand the impact of this. We will develop a range of techniques to restore confidence (such as positive thinking; assertive behaviour; dealing with criticism/mistakes or stress; how to give a good first impression etc.). We will also consider how to recognise our own skills/talents and how these are transferrable to the workplace. We will set personal goals and develop an action plan.

Support and feedback

Your tutor will give you support and feedback throughout the course and you will record some of your ideas in an individual learning plan/workbook.

Additional costs and requirements

There are no entry requirements and everything you need will be provided. If you already have a CV please bring it with you.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

It would be beneficial to reflect on what you have learnt between sessions, possibly by keeping a personal journal or log.

About the tutor

Paul gained degrees as a mature student with the Open University and the University of Exeter and joined us in 2005 teaching maths and English in the North Devon area.

He has extensive experience of teaching adults who struggled to get the qualifications they needed at school, using methods that are tailored to suit their lives, needs and outlooks. “When we are young there are so many reasons for not learning what we’re supposed to, but when we are adults we can put things behind us and carry on from where we left off. Learning can boost your confidence, your job prospects and the way you see the world. We are never too old to learn, sometimes we just need a boost to get us going.” 

Paul Haines – Learn Devon tutor

Start date09 Jan 2020
End date13 Feb 2020
Start time13:00
End time16:00
Concessions not available