Improve your maths: join at any time

Ockment Centre, Okehampton

Who is this course for?

You can only enrol on this course through a friendly chat and skills check with an experienced Learn Devon Learning Support Co-ordinator.

This course will enable you improve your maths under the tuition of a qualified maths teacher who will assist you with learning at your own pace and enable you to set your own goals. Progression opportunities will be available.

The course requires regular attendance and extra work at home.

Course content

Courses cover different levels and include –

• Numbers and their use in everyday problems
• Use of mathematical notation
• Simple equations and graphs
• Shape and space
• Symmetry
• Area and Volume
• Statistics and probability

Support and feedback

How will I learn?

You will work in small groups to learn and explore mathematical topics and improve understanding. In the classroom you will focus on working with others and questioning concepts and ideas to better understand the world of mathematics, and hopefully, have some fun!

How will my progress be monitored?

You will be encouraged to be responsible for your own learning. An individual learning plan will be used to record your targets and achievements.

Additional costs and requirements

A4 file, writing materials and lined or squared paper to be brought to the first and subsequent lessons. You will also need a geometry set, including a ruler, protractor, compass, pencil and rubber.

You will have an Initial Assessment with our tutor to determine what level you need to be working at.

Will I have to do anything outside of the session?

Weekly homework will be used to practice

mathematical techniques, check understanding

of topics covered and provide feedback on progress.

About the tutor

Debbie Tayler currently works as a Maths tutor for Learn Devon and also as a private Maths Tutor with pupils of all ages and abilities. She has had a varied career before this as an Analyst/Programmer, a chef/proprietor, and a secondary Maths teacher.

Debbie did her first degree in Maths at Southampton University and also has a Masters Degree in Maths and a BSc in Maths and History of Maths and Technology from the Open University. She also has a PGCE in Secondary maths and PGCE and Diploma in Lifelong in teaching Further Education from Plymouth University.

She is well aware of the difficulties of juggling work, home life and education after her experience of studying with the OU while in full-time employment. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, painting and drawing, walking her lively Sprollie dog and has renovated several character houses.

“I love helping other people to understand and use maths. I know that maths can be seen as difficult and frightening, and a lot of people have a history with the subject that they have to get over. I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping people to overcome these feelings and learn to enjoy maths as much as I do. My favourite comment from a past learner is ‘…thank you so so much for helping me prove to myself I could do this!’, so come along to one of our classes and prove it to yourself as well.”

Start date26 Nov 2019
End date21 Jul 2020
Start time13:00
End time15:30
Concessions not available