Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about? Do you want to take your hobby to the next level? Would you like to meet new people who share your interests? Then a Learn Devon course could be just the thing for you.

Every year we offer hundreds of courses designed to help people improve their skills in an enjoyable learning atmosphere. This covers a vast array of interests, from drawing and cookery to cake decorating and creative writing. There’s bound to be something you’d enjoy.

Courses range from single sessions where you can meet new people and spend some time improving your skills, to longer courses where you’ll spend a few hours a week completing a structured program designed to ensure that you learn interesting things in your chosen subject.

We also have courses you can do for leisure that will teach you useful life skills, whether it’s ensuring you can talk to the locals on your Italian holiday, or learning proper massage techniques. And if you want to learn something more ‘serious’ just for fun, such as web design or improving your maths skill, we’ll be more than happy to welcome you onto those courses too.

To browse through our courses use the ‘Search For Courses’ box to the right. You can search by subject and location (sorted by District Council area). We’re sure you’ll find something you’d enjoy that’s taking place close to you.

If you have any questions or just want to know more, feel free to explore the website, call in at one of our centres or contact us.

Remember: If your course costs more than £100, you may be able to pay by instalments – contact us for more details.